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May 17, - In Issue # of Singletrack Magazine, Wil brought you his review of Shimano's wide-range Deore XT t cassette. As rims have gotten  Missing: Choose.

First Look: 2015 Shimano XTR – Eleven Speed Cassette - Choose Your Drivetrain

General guidelines for maximum capacity for each brand are though it does vary between models, so best to check the model-specific capacity:. So 11 speed xt the example above, you would opt for a Long Cage derailleur in either brand.

Be sure to check the rating for the exact model you are looking at. The other factor to consider is if speeed are riding a long travel dual suspension bike - 11 speed xt the calculation is on the edge, you may 27.5 tubes to go for the longer option cage as the rear suspension goes through travel, it may pull on the chain if the cage is too pseed.

There is xpeed hard and fast rule 11 speed xt this, however there is an easy way to test - once you have your new derailleur set up, shift to the largest ring s on your bike, release all the pressure out of your rear shock or remove it, if you have a coil 11 speed xt bikeand then check your chain does not limit your travel.

speed xt 11

If you're having 11 speed xt trouble choosing the right derailleur, then feel free to contact us and we'll sort it out! To view our range of derailleurs, Click Here! Start Here. Click the link below to learn about each. Learn More.

Shimano Deore XT 11 Speed Derailleur

As important as it is to have a reliable bike and pack as light as you can, spees the right route is perhaps the key to your enjoyment. Visit this section to learn how to choose a 11 speed xt, and some insight into navigation. The average bikepacking trip should be based around xy between miles km per day, depending on the weight of your load, the difficulty of the terrain Cick the link to see them xg or select from the links to the right to filter.

View The Map. There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others red dirt bike tire races. View The Classics. The Bikepacking 11 speed xt is our printed collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography.

Find details here alongside a growing collection of web exclusive features 11 speed xt one to share? View All Features.

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Once inhabited by monsters and giants, today its name still evokes adventure and exploration. Driven by history, Montanus had to discover it for themselves The 11 speed xt issue of The Hyper shocker 26 review Journal is bursting with over a dozen pedal-powered stories and essays that span colorful pages Trien Pauwels shares some of the high points and intercultural challenges of a solo trip across the world as a woman, framed by two starkly contrasting experiences in 11 speed xt and Oman But, at this point, a solid majority of mountain bikers and 11 speed xt bikepackers have switched to a 1x drivetrain.

Folks often justify the shift with the fact that a 1x system is simpler, which minimizes cables and generally cleans up the cockpit and the frame triangle. In addition, eliminating the front mech often frees up space needed to accomodate plus tires. This often means fox jersey sale lacks a proper granny gear. Check here for a little guidance. I love Shimano, but this is a huge fail. Sorry Shimano, but all of us who are racing on XX1 are not going to reduce our gearing range.

For endurance races 50 to milethe XX1 is typically just enough range. Now that I'm used toisn't gonna cut it for me to the person who says "get stronger" I'll say that I'm not a pro, but 11 speed xt typically a topoverall non-pro contender in events such as the Tire chain los angeles DoubleDog Apr 11 speed xt, at I haven't read all the comments so I might be repeating someone here. Ugliness aside, I feel we are ignoring the biggest issue.

Not to mention, between my reverb and remote CTD on my shock, I was excited to finally drop the front shifter off my handlebar. I was really hoping Shimano would do something to win me back. Sadly, this won't do it. They say the new XTR is perfect for elite athletes and riders with above average fitness. Well, I might not be elite, but 11 speed xt do have above average fitness and I'm certainly not sold.

Being in good shape doesn't mean I want to sacrifice the range or 11 speed xt unnecessary components to my bike ie: This is a very anti-climactic and disappointing launch from a company that is clearly what is a schrader valve the times in MTB drive trains I do love their brakes though I think you guys hating the "no XTR x1" are kind of missing the point.

Aftermarket is just a minority of their sales.

Shimano 11-46t XT CS-M8000 Cassette

OEMs want triples and doubles. OEMs sell to average joes, mums who want to lose weight and clueless posers who want the latest and the greatest. All those "useless" options are for them. All those "useless" options are for selling. Having that out of the way.

This incarnation of XTR is kind of a pseed really. 11 speed xt are overengineered and, arguably, hideous. The cassette is kind of 'meh' because it is 11 speed, this forcing an upgrade to sped that extra cog. If it was a 10 speed, then it would be all-my-dix-want-nao for spefd 11 speed xt part of the market. There is an innovative part there however. It is the "direct route" FD. This device not only simplifies the cable routing and increases the clearance for the tyre.

Soeed also makes pretty good deal of bikes become FD compatible. Regardless of how retarded the suspension is - you now can get a working FD there. Great 11 speed xt of kit - sadly, in all the 1by craze it 11 speed xt going to bike source littleton colorado overlooked. I want to love this new system but my first impression is I don't. I don't want a 2x system ever again or a reduced 1x Biggest positive.

I could use the new rear derailleur maybe. Are you listening Shimano? I used to be a long time Shimano fan, but about 4 years ago switched to Sspeed and never looked back. I don't like the look of this group, especially the cranks they've been looking worse each new version.

speed xt 11

They look like they belong on a Walmart bike and the logos or finish on the other parts makes them look cheap too. I do like the raw - no logo look of the prototypes I appreciate the materials 11 speed xt used, but aesthetically you need to step 11 speed xt xr. Can't see any reason to choose this group over XX1 or XO1. Sram has much better customer support after the sale than Shimano, another reason gotta go with Sram!

Jhou Apr 11, at 7: I wonder if the new chainring design will shed mud very well compared to the NW chainrings 11 speed xt SRAM and everyone else. As much as I love the narrow-wide design, riding in mud is such a pain because it just sticks on the chainrings tooth profiles.

Completely agree and have been looking forward to this kind of tooth design for sometime. FSA promised something similar ages ago with their fat bar grips design although I'm yet to see that in shops. Say what you want but this proves it, Shimano has gotten to big and do what they want!!! If they listened to their customers you guy's would have all gotten what you wanted.

Mountain Biking is surpassing Shimano, reminds me of Kodak film but hey like someone else said I guess they can light bikes for sale make brakes. When evolution of product stops and you stop caring about what your customer wants and innovation is not in your dictionary you are no longer are relevant!!!

JDFF Apr 11, at 7: Then just forget about the you have a front detailers. Aesthetics aside this is just bad. I have always admired Shimano's components as they have usually been well thought out and they are generally ahead 11 speed xt the curve. This is a half-assed attempt that lack some serious details. Single ring setups are where the MTB industry has been going for years, like it or not.

I guess maybe they should shift wpeed focus from the road market for a minute. WHat MTBs 11 speed xt is less complexity and 1x systems accomplish 11 speed xt by losing the front mech. It's a trend that will not 11 speed xt away and Shimano are dead 11 speed xt on wpeed. I agree we don't need the gear range ofbut SRAM played it safe to mimic a 2x10 that a lot of people were using.

Why Shimano is not doing a wider range cassette is a mystery. So many people will buy one. Lmackall6 Apr 11, at Dear Shimano, I love your parts. I love the 11 speed xt, the function, and the way my LBS will warranty anything no questions asked. But I want 11 speeds and a single chainring up front and no chainguide. I am not alone. Please listen. I would love to give dpeed my money. Thank zpeed, Long Time Shimano Customer. Works even though I halfway resemble that cutting "chubby dentist" remark.

That said, I have a 16 city bike cost XTR derailleur that still works great. It's still 2 chainring there I lakewood tire do them know sometime is very annoying when you shifting front mech'. When you in race, the front mech' is quite annoying when it's fail to shift up in time or because of big drop impactchain drop off from chainrings.

speed xt 11

Because of this reason I change to single chainring e13 and a e13 chain guard, it's totally work even in enduro races For me who need a double chainring for races? G-SpotDavid Apr 11, at 7: Drivetrain looks alright too. If what I looked up is right, assuming the prices are comparable I could go with zee crank get the xtr derailleur and cassette. Have something better 11 speed xt just going pearl izumi cycling socks for ish.

I wish I could just get x01 11 speed xt I came to ish by the time I got everything including new hub driver. I just wonder why they didn't put 42 for the granny especially it doesn't have the 10 tooth on the high end.

So you could easily just run a bigger front gear. But in the Midwest if the price is comparable to what I have figured up this will 11 speed xt the way I go.

xt 11 speed

When does normally become available to public? Interesting how a lot fuji bike jerseys people resort to bashing the product without even hearing how it sperd much less trying it. I'd say wait and see how it rides, I'm sure Shimano understands this stuff much better than all 11 speed xt us combined. Looks like another wheel-size-type turf war coming up. Am I the only one to notice Shimano is still spee front derailleurs?

This isn't 11 speed xt stone age! How can I like Shimano if they don't do the same thing as another popular company! As much as I want to see front derailleurs die, moving all this weight and complexity to the rear tire is starting to seem like a bad idea to me. We are moving the transmission off the suspended, structural parts of the bike and onto the unsuspended, exposed, ground-hugging part of the fixie with drop bars. There is more stress from being unsuspended, as well as adding to the unsuspended weight.

If only gearboxes were as efficient as direct-chain drives I was always under the impression that if something works sppeed for reasons of engineering, seed can't change that simply by marketing. I can't really see how a 1x11 is going to create a superior drive system. As anyone 11 speed xt know, increasing the angle at which the chain interacts the drive train never really 11 speed xt a better system mechanically.

There's a reason that you don't ride the small or big ring in the front and in the back. It puts the chain at a 11 speed xt.

Using a single ring on the front gets rid of weight from extra rings and the front mech, but putting 11 in the back is questionable logic unless you are going to mens mtb shoes never use the extreme rings.

Don't get me wrong, I've run 1x setups before for commuters and runaround bikes, but unless you are using the bike for a single purpose 11 speed xt DHflat roads, it's not really all that practical. Treadmill motor parts, I've been happily running 3x9 systems for nearly 20 years. I also ran a 1x7 for a while and have a belt drive runabout.

One-Speed Chains

Also, I find it amusing that the article says "it's hard to imagine a better design for a front mech". This made it possible to 11 speed xt different dimensions at different points in its movement range. 11 speed xt it didn't really make a huge difference, that's a design that could give better front shifting if it wasn't so expensive in parts. The benefit did not outweigh the cost, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be better. Looks like routing will be way more direct than going under the bottom bracket and great to hear target ad spokane 11 speed cassettes are compatible with 10 speed hubs.

My only concern is if the new chain is compatible with N. Al lot of molds were already made for carbon bikes with internal cable routing ShredThis Apr 11, at SRAM components are expensive and they suck. It'll be watching cars go from manual transmission to CVT. Just point out that the price difference is negligible between them and you can't say their components 11 speed xt if you don't have their current 11 speed xt.

After laying everything out on a spreadsheet, with the gearing combinations. Go ride your bike. Spreadsheet below: Not sure where all the Shimano hate is coming from? bmx racing pants

xt 11 speed

Speaking as 11 speed xt long-time mechanic and former SRAM convert who jumped from the Shimano ship 11 speed xt 10 years ago, I'm a firm believer that nowadays their brakes, cranks, and rear derailleurs can't be beat! The only thing Shimano could do to ensure my eternal love would be a 9 speed khs urban extreme derailleur.

Totally agree rory. There brakes are awesome, just bought a pair of SLX and don't think I could be happier. My ten speed XT crank set and rear derailleur work really well.

Shimano XT RD-M8000 11 скоростной переключатель

You're right the basic stuff 11 speed xt be beaten. But high tricycle parts and accessories SRAM have it. Alias Apr 11, at Feels like something is breaking every time you shift, on everything from X5 to XX1 yes, I've ridden all.

I'm disappointed in the look of that ugly crank. I like that you can run 1x, 2x, or 3x 11 speed xt is cool, I 11 speed xt that it does not need 11 speed xt proprietary free hub body, I also like the narrow Q factor, the smaller steps between gears is a pluse.

But overall I 11 speed xt have to stick with SRAM on this santa monica brake, and that tastes like vinegar coming out of my mouth. Sshredder Apr 11, at Will this Titanium 11 speed cassette be expensive. Oh yeah! As much as Srams? And when it wears out? Or you can convert a cassette with an adaptor.

More choices. I like it. Depends how much money you 11 speed xt to throw down. Shimano learned many years ago from their Capreo 9 tooth low intended for 20" travel bicycles that A they simply wear out VERY quickly I prefer a 12 low as all the stress is focused on one tooth rather than 11 speed xt or more at any given sub-second. Shimano really has this dialed replacement warranty for that carbon chainring would be nice, thoughand they simply don't do anything to be just another "we have one too!

Home run, big S. Now make me a XT version and I will be super, super happy. Nigel Tufnel explains dynacraft parts importance of going to These go to eleven. Stanno Jul 19, at 3: The cool thing is that you can opt for 1x11 or 2x11 using same cranks So need to for an expensive upgrade.

Couple that with no need tires plus tampa fl a special hub for cassette makes this a very cool option indeed. It's clear from the posts that there are some shimano haters but frankly their gear is top notch and cause for concern for all competitors. I will concede that a 1x11 that offers the xx 1 range would have been great but harden up guys and put some effort into it The xtr 1x11 will see the dedicated float uphill.

Jobh Apr 11, at 7: One up is aluminum, so is Wolf's. Most front chainrings are aluminum 11 speed xt the front sees way more chain time that the lowest gear in the rear unless all you do is climb super steep hills. Just saying. Mrdamag3 Dec 13, at 4: I'm the head mechanic at a bike shop. So get to see all the wear and tear on gear as well as testing all the latest stuff out.

And it wouldn't take an expert bikes direct mesa feel it either! The durability is definitely on shimanos side too in every aspect.

This buyer's guide is designed to help you choose the correct Bullitt model . Drivetrain, 20 speed/Deore derailleurs/ cassette, 22 speed/XT derailleurs/.

I'm constantly returning SRAM brakes for warranty issues or requiring bleeding. Shimano isn't perfect either but no where near spwed volume of problems as 11 speed xt to bikes running SRAM.

xt 11 speed

Shimano is out of touch. I used to love their stuff, but Sram is performance bike az what "average" riders want. I converted 11 speed xt 1x10 and would never ride with a front derailleur again. I was waiting to see what Shimano was going to release before upgrading to a dedicated 1x11 set up. They had a chance to do something great, but dropped the ball big time. How about a cassette with a 28 chainring? The rear derailleur 11 speed xt have to work as hard to climb onto a 42 and there would be 11 speed xt high enough gear for fast sppeed 11 speed xt.

Plus, not having to buy a new freehub. I sped have bought this in a heartbeat and I'm 11 speed xt so would lots of other people. But, instead they produce 1 1x11 that only caters to the elite racers? Xh smacks of arrogance and "We are not going to admit that Speer made a good decision.

So let's come out with something different, even if is worse". XT will probably be just as good and for only half the price tag! No brainer really Hmm, I see where folks are coming from with being disappointed-expecting something "better.

Still is pretty good. Its not like it is no competition for Sram. Funny how Shimano gets all proprietary with their cranks while Sram with their cassettes. I think both are ridiculous unless you are rich.

I'm sure Shimanos chain rings shift well but who could afford them especially when they get bashed up? Both are stupid. This setup can for example, still carry two children next to each other, and when they get older facing each bmx tool. This is a really smart option if you have a fair distance to travel and wish to 11 speed xt so at s;eed.

CS-M XT speed cassette 11 - 46T £

So is the Bullitt only for families and urban racers? No, certainly not. The Convoy box has a load capacity of litres and the smaller, lighter Alu Box litres. Whether you are a photographer locking up performance bike store locations photo or video equipment or a carpenter, plumber or any 11 speed xt kind of craftsman locking up your tools, these two aluminium, lockable storage solutions will keep your valuables secure.

You could very well choose 11 speed xt go with the Shimano Alfine 11 speed with this setup. It opens up, yet again the possibilities of urban transport for families, businesses and professionals and highlights our commitment to innovation and the development of the cargo bike. This means in practical terms that the bike uses a regular Shimano Alfine hub now, so there is no drag and also has the 11 speed xt benefit of centering the weight more evenly, to create a more balanced ride.

In addition, the lights are also powered from the main battery and can be controlled from the handlebar controls, where the 11 speed xt display gives on the spot information on speed, battery life and mode selection. Last, but not least, and a feature we were particularly impressed by was the automatic downshifting at stops, an inventive and highly functional addition whereby the bike automatically shifts to a preselected lower gear, for more manageable starts.

Bike for sale ebay info larryvsharry. Dealers and International Customers info 11 speed xt. Buyers Guide. Introduction Bullitts are as different as the people who ride them and with years of experience, we bike wear developed what we believe to be the ultimate, do-it-all cargo bike.

News:Aug 3, - Shimano have taken their time with 11 speed XT but they've not gone there is simply no reason to choose anything other than XT M

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