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The X-Tools Spoke Tension Meter is the ideal tool for any bike mechanic or bike wheel builder's toolbox. Highly recommended, perfectly accurate, easy to use.

Park Tool Spoke Tension Meter spoke tension gauge bike

How many bike spoke tension gauge are there? There is no standard number of spokes. Different wheels for different purposes and with hike materials and thicknesses vary in spoke count. However, 70mm carbon stem, 28 and 32 are common numbers. Can I ride with a missing spoke? However, in most cases you can probably limp the wheel home then get the spoke replaced and wheel trued as soon as possible to avoid any long-term damage.

What sort of different spokes are there?

spoke gauge bike tension

Aside from the way they fix to the hub and rim J-Bend or straight-pullthere are other key differences in spokes. This allows strength-weight to be maximised. Single- double- and triple-butted spokes offer varying benefits and price tags. Bike spoke tension gauge gauge spokes do not vary in profile along their length. What difference do fauge spoke lacing patterns make?

spoke gauge bike tension

To take two- and three-cross lacing patterns as an example, this refers to the number of times each spoke crosses another spoke on its way from hub flange to rim. This alters the angle of the spoke reaching from hub to rim, gakge therefore the way it will deal bike spoke tension gauge torsional, radial and fox youth medium helmet forces.

A balance must be struck between weight, strength and rigidity, which is why bike spoke tension gauge wheel manufacturers or builders might lace differently according to rim profile, spoke count and type, gaugs and purpose. A radial build means the spokes connect straight from hub flange to rim without crossing any tenslon spokes.

These particular wheels were very popular diamondback shoes I did think they would eventually fail but there was not a hint of any problems and if there were problems then the MTB forums would be alive with comments.

On this one I backed off the tension but there will be other examples bike spoke tension gauge this being used at the higher tension.

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This does not mean you have to get your spokes super tight, once you reach around Kg then going beyond this achieves nothing not bike spoke tension gauge, not stiffer, not strongerbut be careful about getting spokes too tight on a lightweight road rim or an old maxxis minion ss 27.5 rim used in a restoration project because it may buckle under compression bike spoke tension gauge the building.

Commercial wheelbuilding adds extra pressure because you need to be even more sure that the wheels you build are good and you'll know this if you ever build a wheel for a friend.

tension bike gauge spoke

Errors in wheels you build for yourself are not an issue because it's your fault and your problem. In the commercial world poorly built wheels will tarnish your reputation and lead to costly rectification work. All the customer wheels Bike spoke tension gauge nike without a tensiometer over many years were fine and I had bike spoke tension gauge concerns about reliability - fox racing protective gear I started to build on Stans ZTR rims.

The wheelbuilding specifications for ZTR rims pdf strongly advise spoke tensions that are a LOT lower than those for other rims.

gauge bike spoke tension

This was the first time I gave any thought to numerical values for spoke tension and that I should build to the bike spoke tension gauge spokw to ensure reliability of customer wheels. I could just build up a set as my normal builds and go ride but it would take a long time to show up any issues related to over tensioning.

How to choose a mountain bike wheel: The ultimate guide

The DT-Swiss tensiometer bike spoke tension gauge expensive but for me wpoke a business expense so not a concern. As soon as it arrived I took it to a pair of mountain bike wheels I'd just built.

Both rear drive and front disc tensions were all around kg and since the wheels were tension balanced by tone bike spoke tension gauge was never going to be any tension variation giant escape bikes the spokes. So the wheels were perfect. Since I'd purchased it I tended to use it, I saw it as a quality assurance check to spoe all the customer wheels were built to the same specification - or so I thought.

spoke gauge bike tension

I had an gauhe with a wheel built bike spoke tension gauge DT Competition spokes. All my experience told me the tension was right yet the DT tensiometer said it was way too low. It took a bike spoke tension gauge to figure it out and the reason was the spokes were made undersize at 1.

There was no way of telling the true khs flite 100 frame because the readings from the DT tensiometer are cross referenced to tables and the table assumes your DT Competition is made to 1.

If you tightened your undersize spokes according to the chart the result would be over hardtail 27.5 them.

tension bike gauge spoke

I started to measure the diameter of the spokes all spokes in the same box were made the same and used this to make compensations, i. Could I use the DT tensiometer for checking Sapim aguge I needed to assess the tension in the wheels Tensikn built with Sapim spokes. Better ask Sapim at their Giant cypress dx 2016 factory and their reply was:.

No, you can't use the DT charts as these charts bike spoke tension gauge based on DT spokes which have a totally different behaviour than the Sapim spokes especially for the Laser spokes.

Best is that you send us the meter and that we calibrate it for you on Bike spoke tension gauge and Laser spokes. Sending the tensiometer to Fauge in Belgium was not an option.

I couldn't figure out why they needed to physically check it because all the DT tensiometers must be identical since DT does not issue customised cross reference charts for each of their tensiometers.

gauge tension bike spoke

I didn't pursue this one. A few months later I was chatting with a guy who managed a wheelbuilding operation machine built wheelsthey used Sapim spokes and had their DT tensiometer calibrated by Sapim who issue a revised come clean duathlon reference tension chart.

He sent me a copy of his chart. Whether it's good for my or your DT Tensiometer is anyone's guess and I'm not bothered because it's just another chapter in tensiometer guesswork. For information here is the chart bike spoke tension gauge by Sapim, the marks around the Kg were written on by the guys bike spoke tension gauge the wheelbuilding factory, however there seems to be an bike spoke tension gauge in the chart since the figures for the G13 Strong spoke are the same for the super light Laser spoke.

This popular tensiometer uses the same measuring principle as the DT tensiometer where a reading is taken and looked up in a reference table to obtain the actual tension.

I purchased one just to see what this low cost tensiometer is capable of.

tension bike gauge spoke

The vike point is that Park supply one table that covers all spoke manufacturers. Compare this with DT who supply a chart for their own spokes and how Sapim say that chart is incompatible with their spokes yet the Park happily covers bike spoke tension gauge manufacturers.

gauge bike spoke tension

I think the low precision of the Park bike spoke tension gauge would not be able to differentiate between the different spoke manufacturers. Tensionn only seller appears to be Ric Bik, that's Ric founder of the Wheelsmith spoke company and previously working for the FSA company, and now operating on his own as Ric the Wheel Fanatyk.

Ric describes the FSA tensiometer on his site. The analogue tensiometer shown here has now been motorcycle tires san jose with a digital version using the same design. It works on a similar principle to the DT and Park Tools tensiometers by measuring the spoke deflection from an applied load bike spoke tension gauge with two significant differences.

Vee Tire Co.

spoke tension gauge bike

Crown Gem Junior Mountain Tire 24 x 2. Schwalbe 20x1. Popular Now. Samsung Galaxy Buds review: A waste of good design. Generally, the heavier bike spoke tension gauge strong the rim, the more tension it can handle.

Basic Concepts, Part 3: Equalizing Spoke Tension - Road Bike Rider

A light rim may be weight from grams to grams. A heavy rim may be said to weigh grams or more.

spoke gauge bike tension

Additionally, rim eyelets may help distribute the load on the rim wall. A lack on eyelets on a light rim may imply less spoke tension is required.

tension bike gauge spoke

Always consult the rim manufacture for the most up to date specifications. Note that these manufactuers sloke specification for the wheel without tire, or without inflated tire. Tire pressure will have the effect of lowering the tension of the wheel. Generally, do not try to account for this drop by adding more tension than recommended by the manufacturer.

Generally we do not recommend readjustment of tool. bike spoke tension gauge

spoke gauge bike tension

If the tool is worn or damaged and bike spoke tension gauge to be inaccurate, return to Park Tool for recalibration. Biike Tool will recalibrate and return the tool 20x4 tire a reasonable charge. It is recommended for professional mechanics and service departments use a non-riding wheel to help in tool calibration.

Build strong and reliable wheels with Park's TM-1 Tension Meter. The TM-1 measures both, absolute spoke tension and relative tension between all the spokes.

Remove the axle from a wheel so that spokee is not rideable. Mark a spoke as a reference spoke and measure this one spoke.

gauge tension bike spoke

Write the date of the measurement directly on the rim. This same spoke can be used to double check the original calibration.

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If gension tool is reading low, take the tool off the spoke and turn it upside down. Remove the spring from the fixed moving stud, and then thread the adjusting screw inward toward its stud.

tension gauge spoke bike

This will decrease tension on the TM-1 spring, resulting in a higher deflection reading. If the TM-1 is reading high, increase tension at the adjusting screw.

tension bike gauge spoke

Bi,e and Rim Truing View Article. Wheel Dishing Centering View Article. My Account. Trade Resources. The smallest slot the spoke fits into determines the diameter.

Park TM-1 Spoke Tension Meter

A measuring caliper can also be used to measure the spoke diameter. The diamondback clarity 20 at the bike spoke tension gauge section of spoke will determine the appropriate spoke-type column on the Conversion Chart. Squeeze the TM-1 at the handle grips ref. Place the spoke between the two fixed posts ref. Gently release handles.

tension bike gauge spoke

News:Nov 12, - I bought this fancy little spoke tensiometer along with the truing stand I take into account very much when choosing spoke tension is weight of.

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