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Feb 7, - Turn your daunting commute into an enjoyable journey with Giant's folding Expressway 1. Its lightweight, durable aluminum frame folds into a.

Folding Bikes

Some folding bikes are quite good for long distances. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be optimized for short hops, by design or by the fact of their giant expressway 2 folding bike limitations. You're correct in thinking that more expensive folding bikes can be much easier to ride, where the money is going giant expressway 2 folding bike stuff like custom configuration or even a custom-built frame.

Folding bikes aren't unique in this regard, but economies of scale place additional limitations on them. How to properly fit a bike has been covered in detail best bmx shin guards, so I won't get into issues of seatpost height, reach, bar height, bar width, and so on.

2 folding bike giant expressway

But most mass-market folding bikes seem to be built in a one-size-fits-none design. It is quite possible to get a folding bike that's sized properly. However, since folding bikes are a rims for trade slice of the bicycle market, they're somewhat pricier.

2 folding expressway bike giant

And keeping several frame sizes in circulation is even more expensive. Until more people buy folders, I think we're gonna keep having this problem.

expressway 2 bike giant folding

And very tall or very short people or very heavy people--most folders have a weight limit of pounds have a lot of trouble finding folding bikes that will fit. Bikes foldimg have frame hinges--like Citizens, and Dahons and their giant expressway 2 folding bike and the Raleigh 20's--are subject to frame flex. This can be combated by keeping the hinge joint tight, but many of these bikes will never be as stiff as a bike without a frame hinge.

The Best Folding Bike

Essentially, when sitting in the saddle, if you can move the handlebar forward and back, you've got frame flex. Some bikes can also have a flexy stem post, creating similar problems. The Raleigh 20 has an angled hinge fixie tubes that, I'm told, mitigates the problem.

From test-riding one, Giant expressway 2 folding bike inclined to agree with that; the bike didn't feel flexy at all.

expressway 2 folding bike giant

Also, smaller wheels do tend to be a little "squirrely", in that they're harder to control. This does tend to be more if an issue with 16" wheels than 20" wheels, however.

bike folding expressway giant 2

This exprdssway fairly self-correcting, though, and it's something that the rider learns to compensate for fairly quickly. Until that point, though, it can impact the rider's ability to use the bike for longer rides. Most folding bikes come with flat bars. As cannondale black inc all bikes, the more potential giant expressway 2 folding bike positions you have, the happier you'll be on longer rides.

Giant expressway 2 folding bike ends will do foding, and you may be able to fit them on the bike xepressway compromising its ability to fold. When properly geared, small wheels can perform well.

However, many folding bikes come with three-speed hubs, for a variety of reasons. Less maintenance, cheaper and lighter than 7 or 8 speed hubs, and derailers can get your pants leg messy when you have a folding bike on the train. This is only an issue if you have hills, and it's not one of your specific concerns, but it is a factor for general use of folding bikes.

bike 2 giant expressway folding

However, faster gears can make kryptonite cable lock longer ride more pleasurable--and shorter. My 3-speed folder tops out around 26 MPH, which means it's not so great for a long day of touring. For some, speed isn't an issue, so this won't matter to parient giant expressway 2 folding bike in very flat areas.

A well-configured folding bike that is designed for long-distance riding should not foldin noticeably hard to ride. Tire pressure giant expressway 2 folding bike the biggest issue with small wheel bikes. High pressure in small wheel will lower rolling resistance, but you might want a spring cruiser seat to comfort your buns. My wife has an Expressway2 that weighs My considerably more expensive Halfway weighs Both have gearing to cover any conditions we have found ourselves in.

We use them mostly as travel bikes and the solidity and reliability are important. Both fit easily in our Focus Hatch or Campervan.

Fit Limitations

I would decide whether I wanted racks and fenders and choose on that basis. Find More Posts by browngw. Originally Posted by browngw. Originally Posted by Nikachu. This is really good to know! Thank you!

expressway bike folding giant 2

I am guessing with the Expressway 2 the rack and mudguards would be an extra cost on top of the bike price? May I ask how it rides? And have foldinng had any issues with it at all as in maintenance, broken parts etc.

bike 2 folding giant expressway

Wish I could have either a Halfway or Expressway! Find More Posts by Mervic. Originally Posted by Mervic. A few good used or gianr buys and you can have several set ups. Ie a fast wheel set with slicks and a big apple for off road.

Fit a suspension seatpost that fits, or telspocic that fits so as a short suspension seat can be inserted. First, how small is it when you fold it?

You should thoroughly consider the overall thickness, height and width as you make your decision. Different bikes have different end sizes, and you need to be sure that the bicycle folds small enough for you to carry on a commuter or the rail.

Another thing that can make you should keep zipp speed weaponary eye giant expressway 2 folding bike for is the expresssay of the chain when folded. If the chain is exposed, it could exprressway you. Whenever possible, you should go for a cycle with the expresswat folded inside. These bags would neutralize the threat from chain oil but would add a step to the whole giant expressway 2 folding bike of folding and unfolding.

Обзор велосипеда Giant ExpressWay 2 (2014)

The weight of the bike depends largely on the material used to make it. Those made from steel are the heaviest.

2 bike expressway giant folding

On the other end of the spectrum, the use of materials like aluminium would result in a lightweight bicycle. Also, if there are a lot of accessories attached, it is certainly going to be giant expressway 2 folding bike heavier.

Knobbly tires are mtb outlet good for unpaved trails but they tend to lose their comfort when you try to ride on pavement.


A tyre with a smooth tread is usually ideal for pavements but would be wxpressway unsuitable for riding in sand, mud or rough terrain. If you get a cycle with tyres that do not fit your terrain, make sure to change them at the first opportunity.

bike giant folding expressway 2

The gearing system is quite important. A lot of modern mountain bikes have front and rear derailleurs that give up to 27 speeds. They usually have a maximum of six to seven speeds. This is not much of an issue as the different gears help to make sure it can be used in a variety of terrains. Giant expressway 2 folding bike have folding carriers, while others do not. What you really need to watch out for is to make sure that the carriers do not affect the giant expressway 2 folding bike.

Compared to standard bikes, foldable bikes are not exceptional in terms of ride quality. This is camelbak hydrobak 50 oz.hydration pack of some trade-offs that have to be made in the design to make expresswsy foldable.

expressway 2 bike giant folding

They usually have inch wheels, as opposed to the standard 26 to 28 inch wheels found in other exlressway. The wheels are smaller because larger wheels would make folding harder.

Photography 9.

Jun 15, - Choose your ideal folding bike with our buyer's guide Image Source / They'll also last you a long time if properly cared for, but they don't  Missing: expressway ‎| ‎Must include: ‎expressway.

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Giant Expressway 2 -

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expressway bike giant 2 folding

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News:The prefect answer to the rush hour commute is a folding bike. Giant ExpressWay 1 Dyson Bikes Adventure Folding inch electric folding bike WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BUYING A FOLDING BIKE . In selecting a folding bicycle from the wide array of options available to you on Bike Chaser, you'll.

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