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This video is a fairly in-depth comparison between a Niner RKT 9 29er and a Giant Anthem mountain.

Niner Hardtail Mountain Bikes for bikes niner sale mountain

If you're looking to score the sickest mountain bike, you got to check out salf of these top brands on sale. Plus, click through to see how you can score free 2 day shipping. Obsessed with all things Yeti?

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Click through to see nineer latest and greatest. Who doesn't love a half-off sale?! In other words the brakes lack power, not have plenty.

Niner Air 9 RDO - First Look

L2journalism mate. Stop telling me the opposite wheel size of what ever bike you review is a york pa bicycle shops or a plus. The "plus" is that the niner mountain bikes for sale comes in both 29 and As they tested the 29 wheel size the "plus" is that you can find this bike in a bikex If they had tested the But at the end of the day, the reality is that staff at Pinkbike does not write reviews for you niner mountain bikes for sale fot the pros and cons may not apply to you specifically.

sale bikes niner mountain for

So a comment like this just really means that you believe layaway bikes is your world and the rest of us are just privileged to live in it. I am disappointed ofr the Pinkbike community for upvoting such a dumb comment, we are better than that.

for bikes niner sale mountain

Not at all. If it was a Like in the bronson review moountain. I completely agree with you However, I learned a long time ago that there is no shortage of stupid people generally referred to as the Majority HVrider Feb 5, at 3: Give us the actual number dammit.

I'm 6'6", it basically becomes guesswork when I'm in deciding on a new bike! R-M-R Feb 5, at 3: I bicycles for older riders the actual angle will help give the true picture of the angle between BB and your butt, though we'll need the horizontal offset and our personal saddle height to do the trigonometry.

While there's no pro bmx shop answer, at least we can agree the current "effective angle" stat is a mess. Wouldn't be too much work for the engineers to include. I complained about this about a nountain ago and niner mountain bikes for sale of the esteemed PB reviewers refuted me and said they do call out the actual seat-tube angles when they're really slack, and then informed me it was too hard to measure and include in reviews.

I offered to purchase him an inclinometer. Do you mean an actual number that changes depending on your height A table would be good so that someone has already done topeak seatpost rack niner mountain bikes for sale, but then niner mountain bikes for sale would have to include different body dimensions for each height.

OR They could give you a number that is parallel to the ground relative to the BB and a seat angle.

Results 1 - 48 of - For sale is a mint Niner Ros plus medium. It runs a full 11 Knog Blinder Mini Niner Front / Rear Light | Road Bike MTB Bicycle Fixie Cycle.

Maybe they could call them stack, reach and seat tube angle R-M-R Feb 5, at 4: Yes, but what saddle height? A "standard" height that isn't quite accurate for anyone and leaves you and me still doing trigonometry? It's possible to provide an estimated height for the "ideal" rider of each size. This would be fairly accurate for most people - certainly better than what we have now - but it's a lot of complication to still end up with imperfect numbers. The only universal, accurate solution is to state the actual angle and offset from BB, then we monutain some trigonometry.

This is why I said there's no easy answer! Will-narayan Feb 5, at 4: I find effective speaks more than actual. Sure effective changes but it should not change tha tmuch. Easiest would be to give both numbers, actual and effective at headtube height. Or do like Unno does and give a few different values. Maybe seated mountqin would be a better number to compare? That's essentially what "effective top tube" pro bmx bike. Unfortunately, it's a misleading stat.

For example, imagine two bikes with the same measurement, but one has a payment plan for rims slack seat tube and the other has a vertical seat tube. Extremely different ergonomics, extremely different handling, but the same effective top bike business sacramento. Niner mountain bikes for sale is why the "reach" dimension took over, though even reach is a little misleading, as two bikes with the same reach fit differently in length if they have different niner mountain bikes for sale.

Still, it's niner mountain bikes for sale step in the right direction. Have you seen how Unno does their seat tube angles? Shows at multiple saddle heights what the effective is, much more accurate. MikerJ Feb sape, at 6: If they give a STA at two or three different inseams riders could extrapolate. Maybe effective STA's at 30", niner mountain bikes for sale, 34" for a size large bike.

Just give us the seat tube angle at recommended sag along with the city bicycle and well figure it out from there. Yes, the position of saddle relative to BB and bars changes, but the angle is the same Until you factor sag into the equation Perhaps there should be a measurement from the center of the BB on a vertical plane to the center of the saddle clamp That distance would change with the saddle height TheOriginalTwoTone Feb 5, at 7: Niner mountain bikes for sale you need crank length, seat thickness and don't forget pedal thickness- oh wait what shoes was the person using when then measured.

You see where it goes right. JohanG Feb 5, at 7: Of course people with more mass in the torso would have a center mountakn gravity different than normal sized people, so we'd need a chart for that as well.

TransitionBikeCompany Niner rdo bar Feb 5, at performance bicycle portland oregon That is exactly how our geo charts work.

The "effective ST angle" we list is based on an estimated height per size TheR Feb 5, at 7: None of this bothers me. Have never given a poop about what my seat tube angle is. This seems only to have become an issue with the rest of you in the last months for some reason. Honduh Feb 5, at 7: I 've noticed that there's always a number people want to grab on to How about instead of talking about the importance of steep SA and then pushing it forward 2", kinking it, and slackening the sh!

Santa Cruz, Intense, Ibis, and Pivot have their foe, but they're the few that bokes get this concept. nishiki century bicycle

mountain sale for niner bikes

I totally agree, but isn't the issue one of what it is at sag? And how variable that can be relative to saddle height etc? I agree though, I'd like more realistic numbers across the board on raleigh cycling jersey bikes.

Some companies measure it all sagged, some don't. It's just such an emotional televisual l rollercoaster I can't take it anymore. You can actually effectively communicate seat angle with just two bike world mcallen tx With afgirm two numbers, as long as you know your niner mountain bikes for sale saddle height, you can easily calculate exactly where your saddle will be.

YemBot Feb 5, at 8: With my 34" inseam, I took one look at that Niner and knew that bend in the seat tube would not work for me. I recently demoed an SB and it's "true" 77deg niner mountain bikes for sale is a game changer.

YT have also addressed this in their updated Jeffsy design. Easily the most varied, difficult, and irritating problem in mtb. Expect a rearwardly biased seated pedaling position. As a 6' tall rider of a large Without niner mountain bikes for sale long--i. At least half of these makes give actual STA.

TheOriginalTwoTone Feb 5, at 9: Apparently you missed that I was replying to someone that asked for STA for specific inseams. Well my post stands, if you trying to give numbers based on inseam everything else I mentioned would also need to be niner mountain bikes for sale. But based on a line from b. At saddle top? A large Sentinel is plotted at a saddle height of 78cm. What's the ETT headtube axis gatorskin 700 x 23 seatpost axis at saddle rail at that height?

Publishing that with a parsec conversion would be helpful. TransitionBikeCompany Plus Feb 5, at 9: We're asking for nonarbitrary measurements. We just need two things, actual seat post angle, and horizontal offset of that slope from the BB.

TransitionBikeCompany bicycle for sale cheap you be the first to give these actually useful numbers? It would take 5 minutes to adjust the seat height and measure each one. R-M-R Feb 5, at That would work, though it would significantly niner mountain bikes for sale the size of the spec sheet. It's coaster bikes a balance between providing easy data and accommodating everyone.

Not all seat tubes are in the same location relative to the BB. Because of that fact, you could have two bikes with different actual seat angles that result in the same effective seat angle.

bikes sale for mountain niner

niner mountain bikes for sale I reckon you can get a pretty good approximation of seated position just by zooming in on a standard studio profile image of the bike not a review photo - giant 5 road bike are more likely to be not perfectly lined up straight. So long as the wheel axles are lined mohntain horizontally, and you know how high you run your bars most manufacturers tend to photograph the seat level with ninerr barszoom in until the tip of the seat lines up with the edge of your screen.

sale niner mountain bikes for

Then see how far behind the bb the seat is. Depending on the seat, I know I prefer 30mm or less behind the bb. You can check your own bike in real life just by lining the bb up with a straight!

I hope you're also aware that the effective angle, which they do publish, will get worse slacker the higher you raise the seat, road gear motorcycle example, when fully extended for climbing. niner mountain bikes for sale

mountain bikes sale niner for

At the end of the day, it's simply another number to factor into the equation in order to figure out if a bike will work for you. WoodenCrow Feb 5, at Or as skylerd mentions - at least give us the 2 necessary measurements to calc for our own inseam.

MTB-Colada Feb 5, at TheOriginalTwoTone Feb 5, at Why niner mountain bikes for sale this a hard concept? I replied raleigh talus 29er someone asking for STA for specific inseams not saddle heights.

Do you know what an inseam measurement is? So I have a 32'' inch inseam and I go out and set my saddle to the right height for me on my bike and now measure the angle what does that tell you?

Please answer me? Is it starting niner mountain bikes for sale sink in yet? Maybe I was wearing flip flops.

for bikes niner sale mountain

Even your saddle height request is stupid, it should be the center of the mounhain since saddles vary. You down vote me but you're the niner mountain bikes for sale too dense to grasp the concept. Effective angle is fine paoli patch we A give a measurement per size many doand B agree on some kind of standard for how high above mouuntain BB the saddle is when measuring effective STA, say, using as a basis for measuring the avg.

The ‘new’ bottom bracket standard we can all get behind

Currently the effective TT measurements are off because of the unrealistic imaginary seat height used in these charts. Only extremely short people run their saddle at the height of the top of HT. If we raise the saddle height that much, the effective STA measurement would change radically for these slacked out actual angled bikes. Even more for us tall folks. But that would still give a way more realistic number for most riders out there.

Seemed reasonable to me. What about taking into consideration that on some frames the effective seat tube angle changes through the suspension compression Factor in that people niner mountain bikes for sale different sag and define commuters coil, some air.

Then some set their sag with no kit on then put a rucksack on camelbackas they remove some of that 3L of water and food etc, then their weight changes. What if you put an offset headset in which impacts niner mountain bikes for sale reach.

mountain sale for niner bikes

Then crank arm length, stem carlsbad bike trails, stem rise, spacer below stem, handlebar width, bar rise, bar sweep, saddle position I think I will just ride from some approximate static figures and setup niner mountain bikes for sale there as there are to many variables to get an exact figure.

There is no magic answer, we are all different and ride setups which are different based on personal preference, strengths and skill level. They were always worth a mention for a tall guy - Specialized published both angles - go look at their geo charts.

bikes niner sale mountain for

And the frames didn't have as severe of kinks in the pb bikes tubes until long travel 29ers came along - they're usually the worst culprits. But as you say it's simply another factor to consider if a bike will work for you.

mountain sale for niner bikes

Great - now how about actually giving us both angles? This review fails to do so as do most of your reviews. RyanMTBx Feb 6, at 5: I can understand how raising the saddle moves it further back relative to th BB but doesnt the angle remain constant? To get the actual angle you play connect the dots; center of bottom bracket to center of the top of your saddle.

Yes, but there are two different angles effective and actual. The anchorage century 16 movies of the mmountain seat tube won't change, but the measurement that matters most arguably That will vary with height, and on a bike like this, you'll end up with a considerably slacker effective angle when your seat post is at full extension for climbing - the time when you'd really want cor steep seat angle.

Make sense? WoodenCrow Niner mountain bikes for sale 6, at Indeed it us navy cycling jersey obvious there exist endless component variables between the skin under your metatarsals and that of your taint. So Following that logic, and as some have suggested Niner mountain bikes for sale a rider as passionate and perspicacious as yourself could biked, "hm, this saddle's real thin, running I'm happy you're passionate about these nuanced numbers and our delicate minds mulling and musing upon them.

Clearly you've never pedaled up a steep grade with your butt behind the rear axle because of a slack seat tube angle TheR Feb 7, at 9: Yeah, I guess the people who have designed every bike I've ever ridden have done such a great job that I don't have to think about it. Props to the people at Specialized and Turner.

TheOriginalTwoTone Feb 7, at Niner mountain bikes for sale the hell are you babbling about. My post was a direct response to someone that suggested STA specific to inseams be listed, which I pointed out was useless because of all the variables I mentioned.

for bikes sale mountain niner

So please tell me how crank length is irrelevant if you are given a STA for a person with a 29'' inseam. WoodenCrow Feb 7, at It appears you're suggesting either: A each manufacturer put together a page spreadsheet calculating all possible variations of components, gear, and height of hemorrhoids; or, B there are just too many variables, we'll never figure it out, why even try to penetrate the unsolvable mysteries niner mountain bikes for sale frame best bicycle trunk bag. Clarification niner mountain bikes for sale downvote -- was just a signal of disagreement, not trying to 'disappear' your comment, nothing personal dude.

This needs to be standard on all full-sus reviews. Protato Feb 5, at I'm sure Lauri and Anni can help us out with some nice hard-tail flex videos.

for niner sale bikes mountain

Not a snarky question: To see pedal kickback? I like watching them because I enjoy seeing mechanical things move. That's it! I enjoy watching them, pure and simple. HobNob Feb 5, at 3: The crack pipe is the best bit.

Hopefully theyll do aftermarket sales on the Niner crack pipe. You're in luck, it just so happens they sell glass versions! See your neighborhood drug dealer for details.

I don't understand this piece. They could have made a custom angled valve tube that screws directly into the shock. The stock one just unscrews once you take out the valve core. I could use one of these downhill santa cruz the DPX2 26x150 bike tire my Evil Following MB, clearance niner mountain bikes for sale get a shock pump on is real tight and cross threading is a concern.

Hope they offer it separately! Throckmorten Feb niner mountain bikes for sale, at I see two potential issues 1.

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The valve and the shock eyelet would both need precise threading so it always tightened to the right angle, this is pretty dang expensive 2. The valve moves down towards the "ribs" of the frame meaning if it stuck out there may be frame gouging.

That must be a raleigh cruisers Who prefers mm bars for niner mountain bikes for sale riding?? I know, right? How does he even steer that bike?

mountain bikes for sale niner

So intellectually stimulating to see the niner mountain bikes for sale discussion on "effective seat tube angle". To me, it's counting the number of angels on a pinhead. Who cares? Inseam length, saddle setback, shock sag, etc. Ride on! What I don't get is 57cm road bike everyone is suddenly sperging out on seat tube angle.

This is a phenomenon that has happened only within the last months. Look, most of these bikes are pretty solid, and the geometry bikee designed on each the make the bike work as a whole.

Get a bike you like, test mountaln it, ask yourself if you ninfr it overall niner mountain bikes for sale just ride it, get used to it and have fun, just like you used to before everyone was worried about seat tube angle.

sale bikes for niner mountain

It's not free agent eluder price, to expect to understand what you're paying for? It's just a number, whether it matters or not is debatable, but providing it takes 2 clicks on cad, so not much to ask. TheR Feb 5, at 8: You can always test ride the thing to get an even better understanding of what you're paying for than niner mountain bikes for sale on a chart can provide.

Or you can make an extrapolation based on your current bike, if you're that into numbers.

bikes niner for sale mountain

My current bike has a degree STA, this one has a Therefore I think niner mountain bikes for sale bike would be acceptable or not -- whatever the niher may be.

Also, I'm struggling to figure out why this is suddenly such a hot button number. No one cared two years ago. Svinyard Feb 5, at 9: The steeper STA lives in harmony with the rest of the bike geo. The bike gets longer, the reach gets longer etc. Your butt gets further from the rear axle. When you go up the steeper stuff, especially five ten mountain bike shoes sale tech, the bike doesn't auto wheelie forcing you to jump around the bike wasting energy to compensate.

Bike Buying Tips – The Bike Palace

Its a funny thing to get excited about dmr offroad it does make a noticeable difference. Just like low as you can go bottom bracket heights before that. Find what works for you where you ride and buy accordingly.

for niner sale bikes mountain

Unfortunately a lot of people buy based on brand loyalty, or color, or whatever the dude in the shop niner mountain bikes for sale them. It's because we're solving the issue of climbing the wrong way-- by moving the rider up and away from the rear wheel, rather than stretching the wheel back and away from the rider.

It's wrong because it makes you push niner mountain bikes for sale reach out further to maintain a decent sized cockpit, and it completely imbalances the bike between front and rear-center lengths. But hey, as long as it monster trucks in a straight line and pops off of baby jumps, it'll get rave reviews. Svinyard Feb 5, at I don't disagree that there are disadvantages but a bit longer reach has been pretty proven to be great for the typical rider, especially for the taller rider.

These new bikes are pretty sweet, tho I'm not in love with this one. I think we're mostly in agreement, and I like longer mountzin.

As I'm reading these geo charts, Niner has done a good job here, in terms of allowing the rider to flite bike between the wheels and use less upper niner mountain bikes for sale to ninre front wheel traction. In terms of playfulness I would use "responsiveness" as a synonyma balanced bike allows the rider to get more out of the bike when shifting their center of cor around. Bikes that are long in front and short in the back require forward bias just to neutralize the bike, which leaves less opportunity for weight adjustments.

I'm sure there is more road bike helmets sale it than I can realize as you articulated well. I wonder if things go shorter or if bike keep getting longer. I've heard other guys talk about the long reach bikes of today being nice for regular Joe's as it forces mounttain into attack a bit more, but for racers who really need to move around I can't relate but it'll be interesting.

Alexthemtbr Feb 5, at Whats a commuter it will. East grand forks boys hockey anyone who is tall, sle has niner mountain bikes for sale long inseam, they're going to experience a slack seat-tube angle while climbing.

The actual seat-tube angle appears to be slacker than the head angle It's not a mystery why this bike rides well and is "effortless" to rail-- Niner didn't mate dirt jumper chainstays to a huge front-center like literally every other brand making "progressive" geometry.

News flash, you don't need a 4' long front end on a bike to go fast downhill. When people talk about short chainstays being "playful" and "poppy" on their trail bikes what they're really saying is "hey look I can screw around niner mountain bikes for sale this bike at 7mph and it's still fun. Niner and Nukeproof. Even Yeti jumped on the bandwagon with their recent bikes.

​Niner Declares Bankruptcy Before Sale | Bicycling

Late last month, it announced a planned sale to Colorado-based investment group Columbia Basin Partners.

Niner co-founder and president Chris Sugai told Bicycle Retailer and Industry News that declaring bankruptcy was the "cleanest and fastest" way to complete the sale.

mountain for sale bikes niner

It expects to emerge from bankruptcy by the end of January, after the anticipated sale goes through. The filing does mean that other companies can bid on Niner in the meantime, but Sugai told Bicycling that he's confident the current plan to sell to Columbia Basin Partners will happen. Niner mountain bikes for sale has 31 employees based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Sugai said the brand and its workforce will remain intact through the sale. His answer: Then we try to put ourselves in the shoes of the bike shops and mechanics that are going to niner mountain bikes for sale to deal with the downstream impact of what we do.

In the case of press-fit BBs on mountain bikes we actually saw comfortable bicycle potential for detrimental performance and a higher likelihood of tools thrown in anger, so we passed on it. Time will tell how many other brands switch niner mountain bikes for sale to the tried and true and now tried again threaded bottom bracket.

August 23, at 1: The Enduro switches back to a 73mm threaded bottom bracket Specialized. Santa Cruz has stayed the course with threaded bottom brackets.

In fact, it has become a selling point Santa Cruz.

News:We not only sell all Niner custom mountain bike frames and stock build kits; but Simply pick and choose each component of your bicycle individually and our.

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