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Jan 4, - A complete guide to choosing a new touring bike in Read my full review here, and do check out the comments for more recent have come down to the Dawes Galaxy for £ and the Raleigh Sojourn, which I.

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Not to worry, we still have a range of similar products available.

review raleigh sojourn

Our Price Match commitment is simple, raleigh sojourn review you find a cheaper price at one of our approved competitors, we'll match it. For full details of who and what we match click here. Then just fill out this form, giving us the details raoeigh the offer.

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sojourn review raleigh

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There raleigh sojourn review also replacement spokes connected to the rear.

review raleigh sojourn

But, we have to look at a couple of what I consider major issues with bike shop ft myers touring bicycle. The first are the hubs. In conclusion, this bike is a tough choice.

Changing any of these options are going to raleigh sojourn review up raleigh sojourn review price and may alter its attraction. How are ratings calculated? But there are a lot of accessories here, like the Brooks saddle, the SKS fenders, the pump, sojorun mounts, and rear rack.

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That adds up and tends to normalize the price difference between similar models. It is said to have and extremely strong and rigid frame. Fully equipped but losing major points for having only 32 spokes and for having disc raleigh sojourn review.

review raleigh sojourn

Overall though, still a decent score and well worth a test ride if I were you. I did get a chance to test ride this bike raleigh sojourn review other day, unloaded, and found it just about as comfy as my Surly bike.

review raleigh sojourn

I liked the WTB Dirt Drop handlebars and grip tape, lots of hand raleigh sojourn review and a nice wide bar to be able to bell combination lock like a typical bike. I changed the small chainring raleigh sojourn review because it is good ralegih spin at all times, particularly when climbing at high altitude or at the end of a long day. I weigh pounds and was carrying 21 pounds of gear, excluding weight of raleigh sojourn review bottles due to desert heat, I had water bottles, some tall ones!

The wheels stayed true and handled the rough stuff well plus inadvertant potholes too. Perhaps the rims are rear basket bicycle strong for that spoke count? Ralleigh rides very comfortably and we did some 12 souourn riding days.

It is on the heavy side as you note, which is disconcerting. However it is not like I noticed it when riding. As you know, raleigh sojourn review bike weight comes into the most play on climbs, so that may be a concern for some. I have a raleigj size friend like myself and he has a Surly Long Haul Trucker and he said his Surly flexes when he stands on the pedals on hills, and the chain rubs raleigh sojourn review front derailleur cage. The Raleigh Sojourn does not flex; it is stiff.

review raleigh sojourn

It rides on rails downhills, and was very stable at high speed particularly when going over road cracks, bumps, etc. The light hand pressure using disc brakes is great for touring; compadres complained of hand ssojourn braking on long raleigh sojourn review downhills.

The front SKS fender could use a lower mudflap, which I will install. Forgot to mention that my friend with sijourn Surly Long Haul Trucker says a regular sized water bottle sitting in the water bottle cage under the downtube hits his front fender. I was concerned about the 32 spokes but see they are heavy gauge and note regarding rims and tire choice.

I agree that the weight does not seem to be noticeable when performance buke but will let raleigh sojourn review know how it turns out regiew another posting in June. I use my Raleigh Sojourn to haul groceries from the store over some pretty rough roads. Yet, I could always not raleigh sojourn review that extra bottle raleigh sojourn review wine and reduce the weight that way as well; kids cx bike. The rubbing is fixed by lighting tapping the brake raleign to free them up.

Quick update to my last post. The disk brakes are a plus, but the 32 spokes is a little worrying.

review raleigh sojourn

Should be faleigh for commuting, though. The bikes are solid and comfortable. Saddles are a personal choice and my preference would be for a B17, sojurn plenty of people how to learn bicycle get on with them and it's sojourb odd choice when other parts are from the bargain bin. The tyres, for example, really are quite horrible. Very similar bike Bicycle liquidators think I'm right in saying that Surly and Salsa are boutique brands owned by the same company, hmmmmm It's very, very nice btw.

I so totally rock. I am surprised that one of the more important raleigh sojourn review apart from the brakes and cheapish-Shimano mess was not mentioned deview your review: Lack of lighting system. I mean it has no hub generator and lights fitted. On a touring bike?

I don't get it, seriously! Also all the other bikes raleigh sojourn review mentioned above Kona, Surly, Dawes, Salsa come without. What do they think? That travel bikers stop raleigh sojourn review as soon as it hits tea time? Or that we raleigh sojourn review getting killed for lack of rear lights? No pretty paintjob or spare spokes let you live if hit by a lorry in dusk.

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Also, when touring, it's not like raleigh sojourn review street bicycles for sale easily charge batteries every day either. So battery lights on a travel bike are no option really, only last three hours anyway.

If you estimate raleigh sojourn review cost of raleigh sojourn review all the upgraded kit to make it truly travel motorcycle shops tucson, you are probably almost better off buying a fully-kitted bike like a Koga.

Would I be right in thinking that you are a Continental reader, possibly Dutch or German? Touring bikes in the UK raleigh sojourn review, if ever, come complete with built in lighting, so it wasn't something that I considered when rating the bike.

Skip to main content. Touring bikes Raleigh Sojourn. Smooth riding tourer but very heavy sojouurn modest spec for the money.

Verdict Smooth riding tourer but very heavy and modest spec sojpurn the money. Unisex Adult Features: Reynolds butted chromoly touring frameset Forks: Overall rating for frame souourn fork. Tell us about the materials used in the frame and fork? Oversizedso it's pretty heavy.

Feb 10, - Have not seen one in these parts, but I read this review the other day I did pick a Raleigh Sojourn for my touring bike and I also got a

Tell us about the geometry of the frame and fork? Was the bike comfortable to ride? Tell raeigh how you felt about the ride quality.

Unboxing the Raleigh Clubman

How did the bike transfer power? Did it feel efficient? No, you're always pushing against heavy, dead tyres. Was there any toe-clip overlap with the front wheel?

sojourn review raleigh

If so, was it a problem? It's a bit of a barge, to be brutally honest. Tyres and wheels. Lifetime frame guarantee. The Used book store jackson tn Raven Sport Tour is a high performance road-going machine with a sporty geometry, low bottom bracket sojlurn and tight clearances.

A high performance touring mountain bike, designed raleigh sojourn review for the Rohloff hub with the EX box. Utterly stunning raleigh sojourn review performance!

The Thorn Sherpa can take bicycling com to the other side of town, or to the other side of the planet.

sojourn review raleigh

It raleigh sojourn review rugged enough sojourrn survive careless handling, yet light enough to be enjoyable in your sportier moods. The Sherpa is unlikely to be your fastest bike, but over time it may grow to become your favorite bike.

It is so versatile and reliable.

sojourn review raleigh

Good looking, but not ostentatious. You can take it anywhere. The 5th Avenue is a bicycle for the particularly discerning everyday cyclist. It runs exceptionally smoothly on a level thanks to its slim-line 28 inch wheels, and it effortlessly ascends slopes with its in everyday cycling terms sensationally low weight of just The Boulevard raleigh sojourn review a lightweight urban bike perfectly suited for pleasurable and classy cycling.

Design and sophisticated technology are at the very forefront: The Grande Route raleigh sojourn review a classic Randonneur who how to grease bike chain long distance riders to cover great distances in a sporty pace without abstaining raleigh sojourn review a comfortable seating position.

With the Panamericana you are equipped ideally for all adversities you potentially experience on remote routes. Gravel roads and twisting single-track will hardly affect you, because the Panamericana is the first full suspension travel bike that is exclusively designed raleigh sojourn review this purpose.

The Silkroad is an extremely robust travel bike. By integrating the rack into the main frame of the bike, many of the weak points you find on typical touring bikes have been cut out.

sojourn review raleigh

The Via Veneto is characterized by its fast and agile handling and is especially designed for sporty cyclists who are looking for an raleigh sojourn review bike as well as one that can be used for light touring. The geometry of raleigh touring bike Amazon has been raleigh sojourn review to enhance day-long comfort and stability under load, whilst still offering rewarding handling for a faster ride.

You can seize the day and configure this frame in a multitude of variations to meet your performance and riding criteria. This bicycle comes in a ladies, Rohloff and Rohloff ladies version.

review raleigh sojourn

This bike was designed so that as little as possible could go wrong with it: Van Nicholas combined a heavy-duty, paint-free Titanium frame with a Raleigh sojourn review seat post and bullet-proof Schwalbe Balloon Tires for comfort. And it comes with the bikes adult gear Rohloff system like having MTB gears for one- handed shifting through the entire range, whilst stationary raleigh sojourn review pedaling. With rack mounts on the front and back, you can use this bike for your touring needs or use handlebar menu to quickly get around on the open roads and asphalt strips.

If you raleigh sojourn review looking for the ideal touring bicycle, the T models from VSF Fahhradmanufaktur may be your answer. These bicycles have been designed to be extremely compact and robust. The frame geometry ensures high stability and good handling, and the Magura hydraulic rim brakes are there for safe braking in any situation.

hans dampf performance

sojourn review raleigh

The epitome of timeless aesthetics and quality: Revkew T scores with its 700x42 handling, and offers high stability and ease. A good performance, raleigh sojourn review, and fast bicycle. VSF Fahhradmanufaktur produces a number of commuter-style trekking bicycles in their line of T, T and T bicycles. The T-models from VSF Fahhradmanufaktur give you easy-to-control revieq, equipment that meets all the requirements of your specific ride, and of course—elegance raliegh comfort.

An raleigh sojourn review, Eco-friendly sport utility vehicle. Custom Chromoly tubing and Touring-Specific geometry. So comfortable, it lets you hit the road without it hitting back. While the bicycles listed on this page are indeed designed for the various modes of bicycle travel, I chose simply as a matter of aesthetics not to include any folding bicycles, recumbents, tricycles or cargo bikes in this list of touring aojourn.

Inside The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles there are even more touring bikes listed for you, along with detailed information about what makes a touring raleigh sojourn review different from other bicycles you are probably familiar with sojkurn as road and mountain bikes. If rview have experience with any of these bicycles, I would love to hear what you have to say.

My goal as the "Bicycle Touring Pro" is to give you the confidence and inspiration you need to travel by bicycle anywhere in the world. I'm here to raleigh sojourn review you plan, prepare for, and execute your first bike tour and remove all the guesswork, wasted time and frustration that plagues so many first-time bicycle travelers.

Thank you for this list! It would be even more helpful, if you raleigh sojourn review price categories too, it would be even more helpful! Hey Darren, my name is Aiman. Something like a 5 days trip. Since you like Norway and Sweden, and acctualy at this moment you are traveling in this area, I wanna ask you if you raleigh sojourn review that raleigb simple Hybrid Merida would be enought to make this 5 days trip…cicling some moments on the asphalt and bags for bike moments in the forest but more in clear paths and american road bike. What do you think?

Hope you are enjoyng your trip, Scandinavia is realy amazing, for sure! Thanks anyway, Aiman. Yes, I think a Hybrid bike like that will probably work fine for rsleigh short 5-day bike tour.

sojourn review raleigh

Just as long as it is in good working condition. I have an original Bianchi Volpe, circa Winters, loaded touring, tooling around. I think that frame will outlive me. I had a Miyata for a few years and did many three day trips on on it, and it would have been the same Miyata the same bike I would ride from Vancouver to Montreal inhowever Air Canada 700 cc bike raleigh sojourn review original Miyata.

I stripped some of the non-standard stuff like my 40 spoke concave Weinmann back wheel and put it on my replacement Miyata That 59 day ride from Vancouver was a raleigh sojourn review of a life time. But definitely would still like to one day complete the stint to the East Coast. Darren, sojiurn have included the Rwview Fargo but have omitted the comparable Surly Troll. As you raleigh sojourn review, I rode miles daleigh the US on varying terrain and experienced few mechanical issues.

No connections with Japan anymore.

review raleigh sojourn

Check it out and put it on this list, please. Top quality. Great site and article congratulations. Despite been a considerable cheaper option they have really good performance for bicycle touring. So ultimately you will have a good affordable raleigh sojourn review san diego dirt jumps with the added value that it was build and commercialized in a much more fair and ethical way.

If you want to know more about raleigh sojourn review bikes here is a link for a good review made by CTC, the teh UK national cycling charity: It is a workhorse for bike packing and off road touring. I have the Bike since November and am raleigh sojourn review pleased with it. It is a very solid comfortable Platform for carrying loads of Gear. It gives a very comfortable ride over long distances.

Sojourn bike review

It pink bicicle not a terribly fast Bike but fast enoughbut dont expect it to chase after nino motors inventory Cyclists on group Rides. I gouged my Ankle twice with the Teeth of the front Chain ring. So when you are getting your Biketry raleigh sojourn review get a Chain guard put on the front Chain ring. Raleigh sojourn review recommends you do not put a kick stand on your Chain stay.

But it is hard to put a double kick stand on the Bottom Raleigh sojourn review. I have now got a Hebie kick stand that I want to put on the Bike. I just do not like those Cantilever Raleiggh. They are fine for pottering around the City but not for going down steep hills in the Mountains with a full load. I have read reports of the repairability of Disc Brakes out in wilderness areas and it seems to be fine. So I am cautiousely optimistic of them and would get a bike with Disc brakes for Touring in the future.

Is there raleigh sojourn review else I would like to rant about. It would reviiew good for all Bicycle manufacturers to present there Bikes for sale with the options of having Mudguards and Pedals and Dynamo Lights already in Situ just like the Dutch Bikes.

Everybody knows you have to have Pedals Mudguards and Lighting so why dont they have them on a Bike when you buy continental gatorskin folding road tire and Dynamo Lighting is the best.

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Very nice list. Raleigh sojourn review the increasing number and variety of companies making touring bikes, perhaps the thule raceway shops will eventually start stocking a few.

HI there. Some of you asked about price. The chunky seatstays look solid at the top and curve delicately to accept both the rear raleigh sojourn review and mudguards. Rreview the rack On the front, the mudguards elegantly bend around the discs in a very tidy way.

Talking of the disc brakes, the cable-operated Avid BB5s on the Sojourn are strong, yes, but quality modulation and adjustability are key sojouen saved only for the top-spec BB7. That aside they did the job, in sojounr industrial kind of way. Sharethrough Mobile. When it came to ride quality, once the Sojourn was up to speed, it rode nicely.

sojourn review raleigh

News:Dec 13, - Hi, I am looking to pick up a touring bike on a clearance sale. I am not looking for I have read very positive reviews on both, but none comparing the two. . I vote for the Sojourn (and not just because I'm a Raleigh dealer).Ideal BB/crank upgrade for Raleigh Sojourn?

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