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Choose the right cyclocross racing tire for the right condition. Challenge Chicane Tire: Folding Clincher, x33, tpi The Surly Knard tread, for example, while not technically a file tread carries all the same advantages as a file tread.

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The UPS truck crept through the neighborhood after dusk, a little later than usual. I was nervous and had sucked down a couple IPAs as I finished the cabling job.

Surly Knard 41 tyres

After mounting the Knards I was torn. Earlier that day I emailed a friend at Surly to get his opinion. So after 7, kilometers, eight countries, very rocky off-road tracks, long stretches surly knard 700 tarmac, thorns, broken glass, mud, stream crossings, and the Sahara Desert, here are new bicycle gears thoughts on the metal and rubber circles that carried me this far:.

I mused a bit about Knards in a previous post after the initial 1, kilometers, but tire pondering is pretty important. My current position surly knard 700 probably be summed up with one sentence: Of course, the churning machine of the bike industry might spawn something surly knard 700 that will change my mind, but right now I am not sure if there could be a better option.

My original concerns fell in the three categories below, and here are my thoughts:.

Brand: Surly, Product: Straggler. Availability: Please select options alloy Alex XD-E Lite rims wrapped in Surly's own super-versatile c x 41 Knard rubber.

On surly knard 700 impression, when compared to a purpose made Schwalbe, the Knards felt a little thin at the tread bottom.

It might be a sensory illusion based on the largeness of the tire as a whole. Ultimately there were more thorny places in Africa than I ever imagined. All in all I had 5 flats in 6 months.

Fall Gravel Riding on Straggler

I had anticipated going well over 8, kilometers in six months, but going off-road is naturally slower than the pan-American roadway. In order to prolong the tread I rotated surly knard 700 tires after 2, kilometers.

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In hindsight, I think this would have been better done at 3, As it stands now, the front tire probably still has 1, kilometers surly knard 700 life on it. The rear has maybeif I pushed it.

700 surly knard

So if I would have delayed, I could have rolled these tires for a lifespan of maybe 8, kilometers. This is my favorite part.

Size: x 41c. Quantity. Add to Cart. Availability: Please select options Surly's Knard is a c x 41mm tire with the perfect tread for maximum traction and.

These conditions, in my opinion, are home for Knards and the ECR. Check this box to match full words.

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Inappropriate Review Reports are generally addressed within hours. I ride a lot, slowly and clumsily like a middle-aged surly knard 700 whose formative fitness years were spent playing tight end and fearing exercise-induced painmostly alone, and with intentions driven by surly knard 700 desires to sit with and avoid my general mental state. According to surlybikes. Most of surly knard 700 probably means nothing to you, which is okay.

Same with this stuff: The tires can also do some pushing of their own when necessary. Low, closely spaced knobs roll fast and work on many terrains. Item Specifications TPI: Double check your tire size with our bike tire measurement guide! Tire shop greenville sc products: Knard Knard Knard Tire. Also consider: Surly Knard 26 x 4.

Surly Knard Tire: Customer reviews of this product: Nearly all purpose by Boswell Bear on March 29, Outstanding tire. Great Tire by Nathan C. Surly Knard x 41 tpi Folding Tire.

Surly Knard 700 x 41 33tpi Tire

Even in sand, and hardpack, the Surly knard 700 just grips and goes. Having some extra width and cushion helps in rough patches, or ruts in grassy corners. Not to mention, the Knard eats sand like none other. Knwrd coast through it, while others fight against the criss-crossing ruts.

News:Surly Knard c Tires:: From $ Surly c Cyclocross/Gravel Clincher Tires:: - + mountain & road cycling parts. Online & in.

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