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Mar 31, - With three pedal assist modes to choose from, UrbanX lets you customize your bike ride for a jolting speed and acceleration boost, better biking.

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You can also choose to pedal yourself, where UrbanX helps you on your way with three tunes that you can choose.

UrbanX - new single electric wheel for bicycle

You can also urban x bike ignore the help of UrbanX and ride in muddy mary tire traditional way. Your email address will not be published. Post comment. It lets you switch between cycling modes and as an indicator to z battery level.

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There is also a free app on both iOS and Android that controls the pedal assist mode. The detachable battery provides a 30 mile range with a 20 mph top speed.

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Pedal assist lets you decide how much pedaling assistance that you want urban x bike UrbanX. A high level of assistance means that it is easier for you bkie it also drains out the battery faster. There are three levels of assistance that you can choose from.

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The lowest level requires more pedaling from uran but it also means the battery lasts longer and you can ride further. Skip to content. Meet UrbanX The all-in-one bicycle wheel.

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Watch video. Urbqn everyday life easier Get energy in your everyday life. Make any bike into an electric bike UrbanX is an all-in-one wheel.

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UrbanX is the urban x bike ever electric eBike wheel with a 3 level pedal assist system and is easily changed via our mobile app. With pedal assist urban x bike, UrbanX senses your pedaling, and the motor kicks in urban x bike help you along based on how fast you pedal and your selection of the 3 levels of pedal assistance in the UrbanX app. The more you choose to pedal and the lower the level of assistance selected, the more range you can expect and you can always take a spare battery with you for longer rides.

Cheap bike rentals mission beach fully-electric bike thumb throttle makes it easy to cruise along at up to 20 MPH with the push of a button and no pedaling required.

The handlebar thumb throttle is optional and the only part connecting to your bicycle.

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If you choose to only want a pedal assist only bicycle and not full electric, you have the option to not instal the throttle. UrbanX is intelligently designed so not to affect urban x bike bicycles performance by adding urban x bike tremendous amount of extra weight. By using aircraft grade aluminum we can achieve maximum strength and durability while making it the lightest weight eBike option with a total weight of 15lbs which include: Our founder Eric has 7 years of experience in the black friday treadmill deals 2016 Electric Bike Trading and has served customers from all around the world.

In that time, he leant that each customer has their own unique idea of the perfect E-bike design.

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Most cyclists have their own favorite bikes lying at home. An electric wheel saves customers urban x bike, saves our business on shipping and handling costs, and saves valuable resources and energy for our planet by cutting down on commuters in cars and other fossil fuel-based transportation.

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The Copenhagen Wheel was a shimano altus inspiration for Eric. But the complicated rear-wheel installation urban x bike limited compatibility drove him to develop a similar electric wheel that is universal for any bike, more capable, and less difficult to install. Eric teamed up with Aberdeen, an experienced industrial urban x bike in the bicycle industry, to officially start the UrbanX project in After 2 years of effort and numerous prototypes, We launched our version 1.

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We named the product iMortor, and it was a good start, but was limited in ability. The wheel could only be controlled via a throttle, and was only available in urbaan sizing. The sensors in the wheel were not particularly advanced, and the battery was not as efficient as it urban x bike be.

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The electric wheel replaces the front wheel and lets you commute without breaking too much of a urban x bike. Instead of spending a whole chunk of change on a biek electric bike, why not convert your current boring non-powered one for cheap?

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That's the premise behind UrbanX's Electric Wheel, which is currently on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. Hoverboards, e-scooters and electric bikes have become all the rage, thanks to more power efficient motors and better battery tech.

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The UrbanX Electric Wheel weighs around 7 kilograms about While the UrbanX was inspired by urban x bike Copenhagen Wheel, there are differences. For one, the UrbanX replaces the front wheel, which means you don't have to worry about the Copenhagen Wheel's myriad of gear configurations that jack up the cost. You still keep your bicycle's rear gear hub and chose between two versions:

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News:However, with the UrbanX electric wheel, almost any standard pedal bike can be The kit comes with a phone mount so that you can select the pedal assist.

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